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IV Therapy

IV Therapy services offered in Folsom, CA

Intravenous (IV) therapy ensures your body gets the fluids, nutrients, or medications it needs to benefit your health. At My NP in Folsom, California, Laura Galindo, FNP, and the team provide IV therapy at the office. The family and occupational medicine practice take a holistic and patient-centered approach to care, providing services that boost health and wellness. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about IV therapy.

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy involves administering fluids, nutrients, or medications right into the vein, usually in the arm. Because it bypasses the digestive system, IV therapy allows for the quick delivery of fluids and other substances into your body for hydration and health.


It also allows your health care provider to give higher amounts of fluid, nutrients, or medications that you can’t take or tolerate by mouth. IV therapy also ensures your body, organs, and tissues get exactly what it needs without having concerns of malabsorption.

Who needs IV therapy?

The team at my My NP determines who needs IV therapy after a consultation. They take a holistic approach to care, focusing on your whole-body health, not just your symptoms or disease.


They may recommend IV therapy if you’re dehydrated and need fluids quickly or you need medication you can’t take by mouth. You may also need IV therapy if you’re nutrient deficient.


IV therapy also benefits general health, helping you recover from an intense workout or acute illness. Rapid infusion of fluids and nutrients may help you get over jet lag. The team may suggest IV therapy as a wellness treatment to boost health and well-being.

What happens during IV therapy?

Your provider at My NP reviews the details of your IV therapy at your consultation, so you know what to expect. They provide IV therapy at the office.


While you relax in the therapy chair, your provider inserts a needle into a vein in your arm and starts the infusion. You can read, send emails, or watch your favorite shows during treatment.


The length of your IV therapy depends on the amount of fluid you need, but it may take 30 to 60 minutes. 

What happens after IV therapy?

You can resume your normal activities after your IV therapy at My NP. Though results vary, you may notice a boost in energy or mental clarity following your treatment. 


The team may schedule a telemedicine follow-up appointment to see how you’re doing afterward. Depending on the need for the treatment, they may suggest making IV therapy a regular part of your wellness routine.


To learn more about IV therapy at My NP, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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