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DOT Exams

DOT Exams services offered in Folsom, CA

Department of Transportation (DOT) exams are physicals required for people with a commercial driver’s license. At My NP in Folsom, California, Laura Galindo, FNP, and the team of occupational medicine specialists provide DOT exams, including employer audiometry and fleet DOT testing. Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about DOT exams at My NP.

What are DOT exams?

Department of Transportation (DOT) exams are physicals required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for people with commercial driver’s licenses. The exam aims to ensure the driver is healthy enough to safely manage a commercial vehicle. 

Who needs DOT exams?

Anyone who drives a commercial truck needs a DOT exam, including vehicles that:


  • Carry more than 15 people
  • Transport hazardous material
  • Carry large loads across state lines


A person who gets paid to drive a vehicle carrying more than eight people also needs a DOT exam. 


The team at My NP specializes in occupational medicine and understands the laws surrounding the DOT physical exam. They can perform these exams for companies with a fleet of drivers.

What do I bring to DOT exams?

The team at My NP tells you what specific items to bring to your DOT exam at the time of your scheduled appointment. These items typically include a government-issued identification (driver’s license), your list of medications, eyeglasses, and hearing aids.


If you have a health condition that may affect your ability to safely drive your vehicle, such as heart disease or seizures, you must bring a note from your health provider. This note must outline the details of your condition and how it’s managed.

What happens during DOT exams?

The DOT exam is a thorough evaluation but not a replacement for your annual physical exam. During this exam, your provider at My NP:


  • Assesses your general appearance
  • Tests vision and hearing (audiometry)
  • Reviews your medical and surgical history
  • Requests a list of medications and dosages
  • Asks about alcohol, drug, and cigarette use
  • Checks your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Performs a physical exam
  • Does a urinalysis to check for diabetes and kidney problems


You may also need a test for sleep apnea  — a sleep disorder in which you stop and restart breathing several times while you sleep, making you more tired during the day.


After your exam, your provider completes the required paperwork and submits it to the national registry, and provides you with a medical certificate.


In some cases, your provider at My NP may request additional tests before completing your medical certificate. For example, they may request that you get your vision checked by an optometrist and get glasses to improve your vision while driving.


To schedule your DOT exam, call My NP or book an appointment online today.

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